Avoiding bad practices in open source project management

30.06.2016 12:17

During OpenStack Summit Austin, I had the chance to talk to some people about my experience on running open source projects. It turns out that after hanging out... (more)

Taking advantage of open source

29.06.2016 13:03

Источник статьи: Banking Tech The technology world is evolving from a cathedral-like structure dominated by major technology vendors such as Oracle, Microsoft and IBM, to a bazaar-like ecosystem... (more)

The Key Missing Ingredient In The Agile Manifesto: Mindset

08.06.2016 17:00

Источник статьи: http://www.forbes.com Автор статьи: Стив Деннинг Is Agile still Agile? That was the intriguing topic for a panel discussion at Agile Europe in Gdansk last week. The... (more)

Creating options in a complex world

24.05.2016 23:04

Источник статьи: http://nexxworks.com/blog/creating-options-in-a-complex-world-peter-hinssen-interviews-haydn-shaughne Автор статьи: Peter Hinssen In the true spirit of information sharing, nexxworks’ Peter Hinssen interviews author, thought-leaders and keynote speaker Haydn Shaughnessy about disruptive innovation,... (more)

Это официально: корпоративная иерархия мертва

18.03.2016 22:25

Источник статьи: https://slon.ru/posts/64815   Офисной иерархии уже давно предрекают закат. Еще в 1998 году американский предприниматель Гиффорд Пинчот, которому приписывают авторство термина «интрапренерство», в своей статье «Альтернатива иерархии»... (more)

Team spirit

18.03.2016 22:07

TEAMS have become the basic building-blocks of organisations. Recruitment ads routinely call for “team players”. Business schools grade their students in part on their performance in group projects.... (more)

День20 !

18.01.2016 17:12

День20 — это 15.01.2016. Дата выступления главы Сбербанка Германа Грефа в РАНХиГС 15 января 2016. Это видео обязательно посмотрите сами. Ниже распечатки фрагментов для удобства и на связки... (more)


27.05.2015 11:36

The Rightshifting Curve They say a picture is worth a thousand words: Here we see the basic population-distribution of (knowledge-work) organisations (blue curve) with relative effectiveness plotted on... (more)

How To Innovate: Experiment! (It’s Not Just For Scientists)

01.04.2015 22:50

“Innovation is creativity with a job to do.” —John Emmerling Creativity is an infinite adventure—especially with technology moving faster than anyone could have imagined only a decade ago.... (more)