Sergey Bush (Sergej Busch)

Gall’s law (updated): “A complex system (team plus codebase) that works is invariably found to have evolved from a simple system that worked. The inverse proposition also appears to be true: A complex system designed from scratch never works and cannot be made to work. You have to start over, beginning with a working simple system.”

Main IT-projects:

bush sergey

Main area of expertise:

  • Agile (DevOps, Feature Driven Development) management;
  • Corporate information systems – the entire technology stack and all organizational levels;
  • Agile infrastructure on NetApp data storage solutions.

Personal information

Name: Sergej Busch


Date of birth: 17.02.1966

Nationality: German, Russian


For 30 years, my own group of small IT companies are covering the full technological stack for our main customers in the Finance, Government and Utilities sectors. Since 2020 we are operating internationally. All these years we had to stay at the edge of innovation in IT architecture, business applications and development methodologies. I have successfully combined this activity with full-time employment at different banks (from smaller regional ones to the biggest private bank in Russia) for over 10 years.

I see myself as cross functional team builder and organizational transformer.

Work experience

  • 09/1990-present – Founder & owner with various managerial positions at Lab321 GmbH (Germany); Laboratory Systems 321, Ltd (Russia); Hardsoft321, Ltd (Russia). Current focus: Agile/DevOps consulting, corporate information systems built on open-source software, NetApp storage solutions.,, Prime responsibilities: Team building, cross-team cross-organisational collaboration, general solution architecture. Main Projects:
    • 09/1992-present – Various customers, Omsk, Moscow, Russia. Implementing internal customers data centers (availability 24/7/365) and engineering communications of office buildings and structures.
    • 09/1996-present – Omsk Municipal Water Supply, Omsk, Russia. Development of an automated billing & accounting system for private & enterprise customers, q321-based, which is still used by the municipal water supply presently. 500k customer accounts.
    • 09/2014-present – PJSC BANK URALSIB, Moscow, Russia. Implementing an automated loan processing system (SugarCRM + BPM-engine).
    • 06/2010-12/2017 – Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation (PJSC), Moscow, Russia. Implementing an automated loan processing system (SugarCRM with BPM-engine).
    • 10/2012-07/2016 – PJSC Russian mortgage bank, Moscow, Russia. Implementing an automated loan processing system (SugarCRM with BPM-engine).
    • 01/1997-01/2010 – Laboratory Systems 321, Omsk, Russia. Implementing internal ERP system for own companies, q321 based, for core accounting.
    • 05/1995-09/1998 – BANK SIBES, Omsk, Russia. Implementing and support of q321 as a core banking system.
  • 02/2010-07/2013 – Vice-president of the Corporate Block & Head of the Department of technology, analytics & marketing Bank Otkritie Financial Corporation (PJSC), Moscow, Russia. Reorganizing banks IT infrastructure in oder to enable scalability and 24/7 operational availability / Unifying the business services of assimilated banks Petrovskiy & Sverdlovskiy Gubernskiy / Reorganizing the digital (remote) services department / Key member of the banks Technology Committee.
  • 10/2007-12/2008 – Advisor to first deputy chairman of the board JSB Sobinbank, Moscow, Russia. IT and operational consulting / implementing SugarCRM for the corporate department.
  • 10/1995-03/1998 – Deputy CEO & Head of IT BANK SOOTECHESTVENNIKI, Omsk, Russia. Managing the following departments: IT, correspondent interbank clearing / Development and operational support of the q321 as a core banking system.
  • 05/1992-04/1995 – Deputy CEO & Head of IT OMSK BANK, Omsk, Russia. Managing the following departments: IT, correspondent interbank clearing, international banking, securities / Development “from scratch” and operational support of q321 as a core banking system (on Oracle), still used at the bank presently.
  • 03/1985-05/1990 – R&D engineer at the information & Measurement Technics Department, research lab No. 321 for superconductive sensors OmSTU (Omsk State Technical University, formerly Omsk Polytechnic Institute), Omsk, Russia. Creating an electronic model of RT-SQUID and discovering a fractal form of its VA-curve.


  • 02/1994-09/1994 – Internship in financial engineering, banking, mortgage market. Leeds Permanent Building Society & Leeds University, Leeds, UK.
  • 09/1983-07/1988 – Specialist degree in Information and Measurement Technology (Diploma with Honors). OmSTU (Omsk State Technical University, formerly Omsk Polytechnic Institute), Omsk, Russia.


Soft skills

30 years of successful team building in different environments. Very focused and result driven. Care about people and their working environment. Some such teams last more than 10 or even 20 years. Various managerial positions in organizations with number of employees from 100 to 10000.


Full spectrum: from waterfall to agile/devops/TDD/lean. Good concepts to consider: Cynefin framework and rightshifting (Bob Marshall).

IT stack

Good knowledge and successful implementations across the whole tech-stack/platforms: from hardware to system and application software.


English: Fluent (C1)

German: Intermediate (B1)

Russian: Native speaker



1985-1990 Researcher at OmSTU Superconductive Devices Lab. One publication at Physica B. The electronic model of DC-RSQUID.

Volunteer experience

1994-2005 TrueVine Christian International, Leeds, UK


Since 2016 Foundation for Free Software Development 2.0 (Russia)

Since 2018 Member of Open Source Business Alliance (Germany)

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